Tekker Support 

Game Film, Analysis, and Highlights

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Individual Match Analysis

$25/ per player

We analyze 3 clips from your child's game and provide feedback in order to improve their performance.  We will show live clips from the game and provide options on what they could have done in each situation.  Sometimes when the game is live we don't see the whole picture.  Seeing things back on video can help your child understand what they could have done differently and all the options they had to make a greater impact on the game.  Then we put the new knowledge to the test by setting goals from this video asking the athletes to use them in practice and accomplish them in their next game.   Send us your film and we will get to work


Highlight Reel

$50/ per player

We will review the whole game for your child's highlights and put together a 1-minute highlight reel that can be shared on social media.


Rent a Veo IA Camera


Does your child have an important game coming up?  We will come out and record your game.  Remember you can split the cost between your team members.  Email julian@jogabonito.us to check availability and confirm the date.

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