July Summer Camp T/Th


Summer Camp


This will be a socially distanced summer leadership camp for our responsible 12+-year-olds. We will meet Tuesday and Thursday at 9 am at Edgcumbe Rec Center on bikes. For this camp, we will be putting a heavy emphasis on leadership and teamwork. With our bikes, we will travel from parks, picnic areas, beaches, and restaurants to do soccer drills, social distanced games, talk about what it takes to be a good leader/team/teammate, and space for the boys to spend time with their friends in a supervised environment during this trying time. The max is 9 kids in a group with this camp. We will be following the most up to date recommendations from Governor Walz. The camp will go until 3 pm on most days with some exceptions. Each week we will send out our schedule so that parents will know where their child is at all times. I’m excited for the boys to be able to bond as a team more this summer!


Week 1: July 2

Week 2: July 7, July 9

Week 3: July 14, July 16


Week 4: July 28, July 30


What you will need:



-Face Mask

-Soccer Ball

-Full Water Bottle


-Bagged Lunch



-Bug Spray

– $10 (in case we do ice cream during an outing)