Our Company Text

What we Believe

At the heart of football is Joga Bonito.  It is the passion, the excitement, and the love of the game.  Here at Joga Bonito US, we believe that the game of soccer can teach you a lot about life.  One of our core values is that soccer is a game that connects people from all walks of life.  It is our joy and pleasure to offer opportunities to build community through the beautiful game.

Our Skills & Expertise

Joga Bonito US is hybrid soccer academy and freestyle entertainment company.  We offer a hybrid model approach to learning the beautiful game.  This means our students enjoy playing freestyle, street soccer, futsal, and soccer. We believe offering this variety will allow them to find their own path.  As they grow, we believe this model will help provide them with the tools necessary to excel.  Our hybrid model uses the use of online learning and games to supplement our training.  With in-person teams, leagues, training, and camps we offer yearly programming for kids to adults.  Our online approach to learning is what makes us truly unique.  We create videos, teaching the tactical, technical, mental, and physicals parts of the game for futsal, street soccer, freestyle, and soccer.  With such a short amount of time to learn the game in person our online soccer school allows us to teach players of all ages the skills, they need in order to be successful.