Week-Long Soccer Camps

Joga Bonito will be offering another one-week skills camp geared toward 7-9 year-olds the week of August 3-August 7 from 4-5 pm each evening at Carondelet Fields. We are excited to have some of our teen boys come back as mentors/coaches alongside owner Julian in our reimagined mentor street soccer skills camp. Please have your child bring cleats/flat surface shoes, water, and shin guards each day.


Things we will be focused on:





-Ball Control

Monthly Summer Camp 2020

This will be a socially distanced summer leadership camp for our responsible 12+-year-olds. We will meet each day at 9 am at Edgcumbe Rec Center on bikes. For this camp, we will be putting a heavy emphasis on leadership and teamwork. With our bikes, we will travel from parks, picnic areas, beaches, and restaurants to do soccer drills, social distanced games, talk about what it takes to be a good leader/team/teammate, and space for the boys to spend time with their friends in a supervised environment during this trying time. The max is 9 kids in a group with this camp. We will be following the most up to date recommendations from Governor Walz. The camp will go until 3 most days with some exceptions. Each week we will send out our schedule so that parents will know where their child is at all times. I'm excited for the boys to be able to bond as a team more this summer! We will have full summer options and month to month options.  Each of our options will include our normal weekly evening and weekend training on top of the camp days in the price.

M/W/F Full Summer Schedule:


Week 1: June 15, June 17, June 19

Week 2: June 22, June 24, June 26

Week 3: June 29


Week 3: July 1, July 3

Week 4: July 6, July 8, July 10

Week 5: July 13, July 15, July 17


Week 6: July 27, July 29, July 31


Week 7: August 3, August 5, August 7

Week 8: August 10, August 12, August 14

Week 9: August 17, August 19, August 21

Week 10: August 24, August 26, August 28

FUN DAY: August 31st (for full summer and August enrollees)


T/TH Full Summer Schedule:


Week 1: June 16, June 18

Week 2: June 23, June 25

Week 3: June 30


Week 3: July 2

Week 4: July 7, July 9

Week 5: July 14, July 16


Week 6: July 28, July 30


Week 7: August 4, August 6

Week 8: August 11, August 13

Week 9: August 18, August 20

Week 10: August 25, August 27

FUN DAY: August 31st (for full summer and August enrollees)