Fall 2020 Soccer School

Distance Learning Soccer Group

Many of our families have reached out regarding what we will be doing in the fall in regards to soccer and distance learning at SPPS. We are excited that Joga Bonito will be offering weekly study/soccer groups come September! There will be learning pods set up outside (at Wabun Park) to complete distance learning each day. This will enable the kids to take soccer breaks when possible throughout the day to keep them active, moving, and all the while with friends. Hotspots will be available to connect devices to the internet.

We will begin our days at 8:30 am and our day will end at 4:30 pm. For those who need further care outside those hours, please reach out via email: julian@jogabonito.us

The daily schedule will be based on what SPPS rolls out officially in the fall with synchronous learning but we will have 2 or more adults available daily to help facilitate distance learning and activities.